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Singapore 1st Honey Snowskin Mooncake ( FREE Delivery)
Singapore 1st Honey Snowskin Mooncake ( FREE Delivery)
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Singapore 1st Honey Snowskin Mooncake ( FREE Delivery)

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Introducing Singapore's 1st Honey Snowskin Mooncake + FREE DELIVERY

8pcs of 2 Inch Snowskin Mooncake with 4 Different Flavour Packed into 1 Box with Personalised Message (Perfect for Gifts)

Now You can Have a variety of Snowskin mooncake flavour all into 1 box.

And also a choice between our Artisan(Non Alcoholic) and Connoisseur(Alcoholic) flavours, there are 8 tasty flavours to choose from..

There is always a flavour for everyone…

Artisan Flavours (Non-Alcoholic) includes

  1. Ispahan (Raspberry, Lychee, Rose)

  2. Matcha Lotus Paste with Strawberry

  3. Earl Grey Dark Chocolate

  4. White Lotus Paste with Yuzu Passionfruit 

Connoisseur (Alcoholic) flavours

  1. Yuzu Choya

  2. Dark Chocolate Cointreau 

  3. Champagne Truffle

  4. Rum

Each Box Contain 2 pieces of the 4 flavours

Every box of Honey Snowskin mooncake comes with personalised message. Customise your own today! Type your personalised in the remarks box upon purchase! For multiple orders, our customer service operator will contact you to customise your message.

Infused Honey into the Handmade Snowskin Mooncake, our mooncakes stands out from the rest in the markets that is mostly machine-made or taken from a common supplier(OEM)

OEM is one of the many reason why mooncakes/snowskin mooncakes of different brands taste the same..

Here at The Forage Cafe, we value  Authenticity and once you have tried our Snowskin Mooncake, you can definitely tell and taste the difference. 

It cannot be duplicated or found anywhere else due to our unique Secret recipes of the Honey Snowskin Mooncake…

In creating these Assorted Mooncake flavours into 1 box, we hope that this will encourage 

families and friends to gather, enjoy our many flavoured snowskin mooncake as you catch up with each other on life.

This is totally in line with the meaning of the Mooncake Festival to eat mooncakes and “appreciate” the moon. 

As our snowskin mooncakes are all handmade, there is only a limited amount of snowskin mooncakes we can produce daily.

Amount of boxes are limited and are on a first come first serve basis till we sell out.

Sampling is also available, come down to The Forage Cafe and try them out for yourself as you enjoy a meal at the Cafe. (17th August 2020 onwards)

Each 2 Inch Snowskin Mooncake is valued for money as it weighs 65g, 15g more than the average 2 Inch Snowskin Mooncake that weighs only 50g, that is an extra 30% of ingredients!


Question: Can I mix and Match the different flavours?
Answer: As our snowskin mooncakes are all handmade, it will be difficult for us to account for different flavours when mixed and matched. So the flavours in each box are fixed, you can choose between the Artisan Flavours (Non-Alcoholic) and Connoisseur(Alcoholic) flavours or try them both!

Question: Is Delivery Free and When can I receive my mooncake?
Answer: Yes, For every box of mooncake, it is free delivery to 1 location, orders will be sent out within the next 3 working days, our friendly customers will contact you on the next working day after your purchase

Question: I want to buy more than 1, do I get a discount?
Answer: Yes, if you buy 3 boxes or more, we have a discount for each box of snowskin mooncakes, pricing is as follows

Question: I want to buy more than 1 and send to many different locations

Answer: You can buy 1 order and key in the desired address and personalised message before making payment and repeat the same process for the next order. However, if you have too many orders, do send a whatsapp to +65 88697131 and we will help you with processing the many orders.

Question: I want to orders Above 10 boxes, is there a bigger discount?
Write in to and our friendly staff will get back to you latest by the next working day

Question: Can I collect my mooncake orders instead of delivery?
Yes, you can choose to collect them from The Forage Cafe after your purchase, please make an appointment beforehand as the mooncakes are handmade and only limited sets are available at the cafe. Whatsapp +65 88697131 to make your appointment.

Question: Can I buy Offline at The Forage Cafe?
Yes You can. However, we will recommend that you purchase online first so that our chefs can handmade them the mooncakes first before you made an appointment with us to collect. Purchasing at the Cafe is possible but there are only limited sets available, so to prevent any disappointment, we recommend for you to purchase online.

Delivery Policy 

  • Preparation will take 3 days 

  • You can select a delivery date of up to 40 days upon purchasing

  • Our customer service operator will contact you for a delivery date and time 

Collection Policy 

- An appointment must be made prior to self collection 

- Contact our whatsapp number +65 8869 7131 or email to us at to make an appointment.

- Our staff reserve the right to deny any collection if there’s no appointment made beforehand

Exchange Policy

- No refunds will be made after purchase.

- Exchanges will only be made for defective products.

- All exchanges must be in original packaging accompanied by the online invoice within 3 days of purchase.

- No exchanges can be made if there are no proof of purchase

- All exchanges are final.

Care policy

- MoonCakes to be stored in the FREEZER within 3 hours of collection/delivery.

- MoonCakes to be stored in the FREEZER up to 3 months. Best consumed within 1 week. 

- DO NOT place Mooncakes under sunlight or heated areas.