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The ULTIMATE immunity booster! A perfect health boost for important days, An-ti-dote can help to alleviate common ailments such as sinuses, coughs and sore throats. On top of it, this beverage can also beef up your body's defense mechanism, keeping viruses at bay! Our Anti-dote contains a range of our best quality honey ingredients:

1. Propolis Ousia.

Extracted from the hives' linings, this precious extract serves as the main ingredient to the wide range of health benefits An-ti-dote provides. With its renowned healing properties and high bioflavonoid content, this is one of the world's best organic health compound for mankind!

2. Fresh Honeycomb

Our unprocessed, farm-fresh honeycomb harvested directly from our bee hives. Honeycombs provide a rich source of vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants to help with the body's growth and defense mechanism. When combined with Propolis Ousia, these nutrients provide support and amplify the health benefits offered by Propolis Ousia! Honeycombs are also naturally sweet, providing a tasty note to our An-ti-dote.

3. A combination of top quality honeys (Pro Honey, Bee Ve Honey)

When added to An-ti-dote, these top-notch honeys provide a more extensive range of health benefits to the concoction. The mixture of these exquisite honeys also help to enhance the taste of our An-ti-dote, providing more organic sweetness so that you can enjoy this immunity booster drink to your heart's content!

Get your dose of immunity at TFC today!

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